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Istanbul New City Tour

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100 $

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1 Day


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  • Tour Itinerary: Explore Istanbul's Modern and Historic Sides

    Start at Dolmabahce Palace: Begin your day at Dolmabahce Palace, a magnificent showcase of Ottoman architecture. Explore its opulent rooms, including grand ceremonial halls and the Crystal Staircase. Learn about the palace's history and its significance in the Ottoman Empire. Entry fee is included in the tour price.

    Visit Taksim Square: Head to Taksim Square, a major Istanbul landmark. Admire the Republic Monument, a tribute to the foundation of the Turkish Republic. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere surrounded by shops, restaurants, and hotels.

    Explore Istiklal Street: Stroll along Istiklal Street, a lively pedestrian avenue filled with shops, cafes, and historic buildings. Marvel at the beautiful architecture and enjoy the bustling ambiance. Take your time to browse boutiques, bookstores, and art galleries.

    Enjoy Lunch: Take a break for a delicious lunch at a local restaurant along Istiklal Street. Indulge in Turkish cuisine, trying local dishes like kebabs, mezes, or traditional street food. Lunch is included in the tour price.

    Visit Galata Tower: Proceed to Galata Tower, an iconic medieval stone tower. Ascend to the observation deck for panoramic views of Istanbul's skyline and the Bosphorus. Learn about the tower's history and significance as a prominent landmark.

    Cross Galata Bridge: Walk across Galata Bridge, connecting the New City with the Old City. Admire views of the Golden Horn and observe fishermen on the bridge. Experience the lively atmosphere, with street vendors offering food and drinks.

    Conclude the Tour: After crossing Galata Bridge, choose to end your tour or continue exploring the area. Consider optional activities like a Bosphorus cruise or visits to nearby attractions such as the Spice Bazaar or the Istanbul Modern Art Museum.

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