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Full Day Asian Side Walking Tour

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120 $

Start City:


End City:



1 Day


Every day

Visiting Attractions:


Tour Duration: Full Day

Meet at Eminönü: Your tour guide will meet you at Eminönü.

Board a public ferry to Kadıköy: Experience a scenic ride along the Bosphorus by boarding a public ferry to Kadıköy. Enjoy picturesque views of the Old City from the other side. Ferries, a popular mode of transportation for locals, provide an enjoyable and relaxing way to travel.

Explore Kadıköy: Arrive in Kadıköy, a vibrant neighborhood on the Asian side of Istanbul. Stroll through lively streets filled with cafes, fish and fruit markets, shops, art galleries, and antique stores. Discover the Armenian and Greek heritage still present in the area. Optionally, take a break in Moda and try some delicious homemade Turkish ice cream.

Visit Üsküdar: Head to Üsküdar, known for its conservative atmosphere and contrasting character to modern Kadıköy. Explore historical mosques, including the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque built during the Ottoman period. Stop by the Üsküdar Fish Market to witness locals shopping for fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, Turkish Delight, and more.

Explore Kuzguncuk: Proceed to Kuzguncuk, a neighborhood that beautifully represents the mingling of different ethnicities and cultures from Ottoman times. Witness a synagogue, a church, and a mosque built side by side. Enjoy the Bosphorus breeze as you walk near the waterfront, where locals often jog and fish.

Return to the European Side: Take a local ferry back to the European side to conclude the tour. Enjoy the scenic views of the Bosphorus during the return journey.

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